Quickboost 1/72 F-4 Phantom Ejection Seats

Kit No. QB72011
Cost: $5.95
Comments: Excellent, Crisp Detail for a reasonable price

(Editor’s Note: Although an earlier article, “Best Phantom Seats” featured a strong sampling of many of the top manufacturers of aftermarket resin seats for F-4 Drivers, it did not include the more recent release of this Quickboost set).

To complement their earlier release of 1/48 scale F-4 seats, Quickboost has released what may be the best set of Phantom ejection seats ever produced in 1/72nd scale. These Martin-Baker ejection seats bear incredibly crisp detail unlike any previously seen in this scale, right down to the buckles and seat straps that some other aftermarket manufacturers will only tackle using photo-etch parts. The seats include separate parts for the pull handles that must be sawed from the resin block independently and reattached to the seat using cyanoacrylate glue. These seats offer excellent detail at a competitive price.

Quickboost brings the same painstaking high quality to this 1/72 offering for F-4 Phantoms that modelers have come to enjoy in working with their 1/48 scale resin.





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