Night Hurricanes – Hawker Hurricane decals by Eagle Strike

In 2002, Eagle Strike released a set of markings for night intruder Hurricanes, Set No. 48124, that provide four striking versions of the Hurricane Mk.IIc employed from 1941-42, carrying the war to the enemy at a time when the British Empire was fighting for its very survival in the Mediterranean and North Africa.

Eagle Strike have produced a set of decals for early to mid-war Hawker Hurricanes used as night intruders in 1/48 scale.

The four versions are:
1.Hawker Hurricane Mk IIc Serial no. BE500 LK-A flown by Squadron Leader Smallwood, DFC, 87 Squadron RAF, Charmy Down, early 1942. 87 squadron was one of the first to convert to night fighter operations. Squadron Leader Smallwood led the squadron between 1941-42, when most intercepts were made entirely without on-board radar. Aircraft painted in overall black scheme known in the RAF as “Special Night.”

2. Hawker Hurricane Mk II Serial no. Z3092 QO-T, of 3 Squadron RAF, Stapleford, Tawney, September 1941. At that time Z3092 was camouflaged in an interim day fighter scheme of Dark Sea Grey and Dark Green upper surfaces, with Sea Grey undersides. Like 87 Squadron, 3 Squadron was one of the first to commence Intruder operations.

3. Hawker Hurricane Mk IIc Serial No. Z3971 SW-S “Samastimans II” of 253 Squadron, RAF, Highbalstow, late 1941. At that time, 253 Squadron was tasked with the night defence of the Midlands region of the UK. Also painted in overall Special Night.

4. Hawker Hurricane Mk IIc Serial No. HL864 LK-?, used in night intruder operations during September 1942. Camouflage pattern of Dark Sea Grey and Dark Green upper surfaces with Special Night undersides.

Eagle Strike’s sheet comes with color profiles of the four aircraft and further details on their individual service, as well as a full color paint guide for all aircraft. Highly recommended.

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