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IAI Kfir C2/ C7

The Kfir entered service with the Israeli Air Force in 1974, providing superb air defense for over 20 years….

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SE-210 Caravelle

The Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravalle was one of the most successful European first-generation jetliners, serving from 1959 until 1996….

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Gloster Gauntlet Mk. II

The Gloster Gauntlet was the RAF’s major fighter at the time of the Munich Crisis in 1938…

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Grumman F9F-2 Panther

The F9F-2 Panther entered service with the US Navy one week after hostilities began in Korea, and quickly became a fighter-bomber workhorse….

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Heinkel He 111B “Pedro”

Heinkel’s He 111B was the most modern bomber in the world upon its debut in 1936, and was soon fighting in Spain…

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Heinkel P.1078 B

Heinkel’s gull-winged P.1078 B nightfighter was still in development when Germany surrendered in May 1945…

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Kawasaki Ki-102a

Kawasaki’s Ki-102a was a high altitude fighter design that saw limited action during the Okinawa campaign…

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Dassault Mirage IIICJ

The Mirage IIICJ was the tip of the spear during Israel’s pre-emptive June 1967 Six Day War….

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This Day in Aviation History

September 2-3, 1916


A German zeppellin on a night bombing raid over Great Britain is shot down for the first time since the raids began one year before.  The pilot, Lieutenant Leefe-Robinson of the Royal Flying Corps, is awarded the Victoria Cross.

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