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A-20B Havoc

The Douglas A-20B was one of the first American bombers into action in World War II, raiding targets in Holland in July 1942…

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Aerospatiale AS 365/Z-9 Dolphin 2

The Chinese-built Harbin Z-9 Dolphin is derived from the famed French Aerospatiale SA 365, and entered service in China in 1994…

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F2H-2N Banshee

The F2H-2N Banshee followed McDonnell’s FH-1 Phantom into U.S. Navy service in 1949, and saw combat in Korea escorting B-29 bombers on night raids…

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Halberstadt D.II

The Halberstadt D.II was a maneuverable, rugged WWI scout and was Baron von Richtofen’s fighter of choice when awaiting repairs on his Albatros…

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Messerschmitt Me 163S-1

Messerschmitt’s Me 163S was an advanced trainer for new Komet pilots, operating as a glider with its rocket engine removed…

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Dassault Mirage IIIC

The Mirage IIIC was the first mass-produced version of the successful family of Dassault fighters, helping Israel achieve victory in the 1967 Six Day War…

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Curtiss P-40E Warhawk

The P-40E is an icon of WWII, its shark-mouthed paint scheme bringing fame to the Flying Tigers in China and the RAF in North Africa…

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Yokosuka E14Y Type Zero

The Yokosuka E14Y is the only plane to bomb the United States during WWII, and flew daring recon missions over Pearl Harbor after the attack…

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This Day in Aviation History

June 26, 1948

June 26, 1948: United States begins the Berlin Airlift in response to Russian blockade of Western ground access to West Berlin.  Together with the Royal Air Force, the U.S. Military Air Transport Command would transport over 2.3 million tons of food, coal and other supplies into Berlin via air by the time the airlift ceased on September 30, 1949.

Hearts and Minds: Douglas C-54 Skymaster drops candies to the children of West Berlin on mini-parachutes during its approach to Tempelhof Airport.


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