Mk 54 Depth Charges with Bomb Racks by Attack Squadron

1/72 scale
Kit No. 72003
Price: $9.35 (7 Euros)
Comments: Resin with photo-etched details; great for detailing 1/72 WWII anti-submarine aircraft

Attack Squadron, a Polish manufacturer, has released a long-sought after bit of detail for modelers interested in 1/72 scale Allied anti-submarine aircraft of the World War II era: a pair of resin Mk. 54 depth charges, complete with under wing pylons and photo etch details. For decades, several 1/72 scale kit manufacturers have put out WWII anti-submarine aircraft, dating back to the Airfix Lockheed Hudson of the early 1960’s — but none have seen fit to include a widely used weapon among the kit’s armament: depth charges.

Although specifically designed for aircraft such as the Vought OS2U Kingfisher and Grumman TBM Avenger, these aerial depth charges were widely used on a number of American and Allied aircraft pressed into the anti-submarine role, partly due to the Lend Lease Act, under which a lot of American-made hardware found its way into Allied hands.

Included are two resin depth charges with delicate fins; a small fret of photo-etched details, including the wing pylons/bomb racks, a small decal sheet, and a detailed instruction sheet.

Kudos to Attack Squadron for filling this obvious but much overlooked niche!

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