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A-4E/F Skyhawk

Douglas A-4E / F Skyhawk by Hasegawa 1/72 Scale Kit No. B9 Price: $9.25 History The Skyhawk first flew on June 22, 1954.  Intended to fill the U.S. Navy’s need for a jet-powered light attack bomber that could replace the Douglas AD-1 Skyraider, the Skyhawk was a...

A-20B Havoc

The Douglas A-20B was one of the first American bombers into action in World War II, raiding targets in Holland in July 1942…

A-26C Invader

MPC’s 1970’s re-box of the Airfix kit bears raised rivet detail and a full cockpit and bomb bay — nose weights definitely needed for this WWII era warbird that was still flying in Vietnam.

AH-1J Sea Cobra

AH-1J Sea Cobra by Fujimi 1/48 scale Kit No. 5A-45 Cost: $19.95 Decals: Two versions – both U.S. Marine Corps Attack Squadrons Comments: Engraved panel lines and raised rivet detail; includes pilot and weapons officer figures; armament includes 7- and 19-shot...

B-2 Stealth Bomber

B-2 Stealth Bomber by Revell-Germany 1/144 scale Kit No. 4070 Cost: $15.00 Decals: One version Comments: Raised and engraved panel lines; option for open or closed landing gear doors; engraved detail in one of two bomb bays with separately molded 2,000 lb. GBU-32 bomb...

Boeing 247

Williams Brothers’ kit features a complete cockpit and cabin interior and authentic period decals. The Boeing 247 is widely regarded as the first modern airliner, featuring innovations such as de-icing boots for the wing leading edges and fully enclosed engine nacelles. It dominated American commercial air traffic for a full year, yielding in 1934 to the Douglas DC-2.

Boeing Model 314 Clipper

The Boeing 314 was America’s answer to the luxurious British Short Empire flying boats, and saw brief commercial service in the Summer of 1939.
Minicraft’s kit is a re-issue of the Airfix mold, and features detailed engines and markings for this last of the pre-WWII Clippers.

Boeing F4B-4

The F4B-4 was the U.S. Navy’s last biplane fighter and the last fighter producing by Boeing. It was also the plane that saw the phasing out of wood-and-canvas construction for American fighter aircraft. Under powered but forgiving, it was in service from 1929 to 1938. Monogram’s kit features realistic surface detail.

Bristol Beaufighter

Bristol Beaufighter Mk. X by Novo/Frog 1/72 scale Cost: $12.00 Kit No. Unknown Decals: Comments: History The Bristol Beaufighter was designed from the Bristol Beaufort, a twin-engine medium bomber.  The Beaufighter prototype first flew less than two months before the...

Curtiss Condor

The Curtiss Condor was the last biplane airliner built in the United States and a stop-gap venture intended to keep Curtiss Aircraft financially viable at a critical period in its history. Glencoe’s Condor is a re-issue of a 1954 ITC kit, featuring detailed engines and American Airlines markings.

De Havilland DH.88 Comet

Airfix’ venerable kit of the winner of the1934 MacRobertson intercontinental Air Race remains popular but screams out for retooling of its ancient 1957 molds. The DH 88 was a direct ancestor of the de Havilland Mosquito of World War II.

F-4E Phantom II

Hasegawa’s F-4E features a basic cockpit, one-piece canopy, raised panel lines and AIM-7 Sparrow missiles — no Sidewinders — coupled with a TISEO TV guidance unit.

FH-1 Phantom

McDonnell FH-1 Phantom by MPM/CMK 1/72 scale Kit No. 72015 Cost: $30.00 (Limited Run, Out of Production) Decals: Two versions – U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines Comments: Hard plastic, engraved panel lines, basic cockpit, vacuform canopy, some scratchbuilding or...

Halberstadt CI.II

Blue Max’s Halberstadt CI.II features injection molded and white metal parts, but caution: It is for modelers of at least intermediate skill, who have scratch building experience. I had to fashion key parts such as the interplane struts out of sheet plastic. A dedicated ground attack aircraft armed with machine guns and anti-personnel bombs, the Halberstadt CI.II was designed with infantry support in mind.

Heinkel He 178 V2

Special Hobby’s kit of the world’s first jet aircraft is a re-issue of the 1994 Condor kit and features engraved panel lines and photo-etch detail parts.

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