Arado Ar96 by Heller

1/72 scale
Cost: $10.00
Decals: Two versions – Ar 96 B-5 Luftwaffe Flight School; Ar96 B-1Fighter School No. 2 at Zerbst
Comments: Raised panel lines; Advanced fighter trainer for the Luftwaffe during WWII


The Arado Ar96 B was the most important of the two-seater training aircraft used by the Luftwaffe, mainly in two versions, the B-1 for primary training, and the B-5 for advanced fighter training.  It was a cantilever aircraft with a monocoque fuselage, a light duraluminum skin and a retractable undercarriage.  The technology of the Ar96 was ahead of its time when it was adopted by the Luftwaffe in 1940.  Thirteen fighter training squadrons were equipped with the Ar96 B and tasked with training pilots who were destined to replace those lost in combat for the duration of the war.

The Ar96 airframe was a starting point for the development of the Ar199 and Ar296 models.  The last version of this remarkable aircraft was produced in France by the SIPA company, and was named the SIPA S.10.


Wingspan:  10.96 meters (35.9 feet)
Length:  9..13 meters (29.95 feet)
Height:  3.48 meters (11.41 feet)
Engine:  Argus As 410 A-1
Speed: 340 km/h at 4000 meters (211 mph at 13,123 feet)

The Kit

Heller’s Arado Ar 96 is molded in grey and consists of 30 pieces, including the one-piece clear plastic canopy.  The kit has raised panel lines, dual seats, control columns, and instrument panels, and a single two-bladed propeller.  This is an interesting kit despite its simplicity since it provides a great opportunity for an eye-catching camouflage job based on the advanced B-5 version depicted on the box art.  In the alternative, you can paint opt for the B-1primary trainer version with plain dark green (dunkelgrun) upper surfaces and hellblau under surfaces.  A nice kit of an important WWII era advanced trainer.

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