Hanriot H-232 by Azur

1/72 scale
Kit No. 011
Cost: $18.00
Decals: Three versions – French Air Force; captured example in German Luftwaffe markings; and a Finnish Air Force version
Comments: Limited run kit, engraved panel lines with resin parts for propellers, radar and struts


Azur’s Hanriot H-232 has relatively few parts. Although a limited run kit, it still has resin accessories and should provide an interesting challenge for any modeler.

The Hanriot H-232 was a twin engine aircraft developed specficially to train bomber crews for the French Air Force. The firm of Hanriot (later SNAC of Bourges) designed the aircraft, and flew the prototype H-230 on July 22, 1937. After several modifications, production of the H-232 Mk. 2 began in 1939. The French Armee de l’Air ordered 40 aircraft, and the Finnish Air Force another 22, but the latter order was cancelled upon the outbreak of war that September. The first production aircraft were delivered to the Armee de l’Air in February 1940, and were used for training crews of the Breguet 693, a front-line bomber. After the fall of France in June 1940, some H-232’s were handed over to the Finns by the Germans, where they remained in service until 1945.

The Kit

The H-232’s vacuform canopy.

The H-232 consists of 57 parts, including a vacuform canopy and 15 resin parts.  The cockpit is surprisingly detailed, with parts befitting a trainer: dual seats, control columns, rudder controls and an instrument panel. The engine nacelles and landing gear are perhaps the most elaborate assemblies, accounting for 20 parts apiece. This will be an interesting project for any modeler looking to add something a bit unusual to his World War II collection. Highly recommended.


There are resin parts for individually mounted propeller blades, struts, and what appears to be a primitive radar array.



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